Guest Post by Jenn Aubert, Author of Women Entrepreneur Revolution

Today I am so excited to have a guest post from Jenn Aubert, the author of the recently published and wildly successful book, Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready, Set, Launch! .
image I was so excited to receive a complimentary copy from her to review the book, and it’s every big as inspirational as the title suggests. Her writing pulled me in, and gave me the feeling that I could conquer anything in my path. After reading it, I felt encouraged to continue down the path of pursuing my dreams. She shares her interviews with 100 amazing women who have followed their dreams of being successful entrepreneurs, and we, as the readers get to sit at their feet and soak up their wisdom. Reading this book is an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and be inspired… And you can take it anywhere while doing so! It’s like a cheat sheet for women looking to be empowered and take the world by storm in their area of interest.
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Now please sit back and prepare to enjoy this post by Jenn Aubert… she reminds us of the importance of continuing to learn throughout our lives.

Time to Get Schooled: Learning is Essential for Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to think of education as sitting in a large auditorium listening to a professors drone on about something you have little interest in, scantron tests, all-nighters, and hauling 40 pounds worth of books around campus (did I just age myself?).

So what does education have to do with entrepreneurism – well, everything.

When you’re launching and growing a business, you’re in a constant state of learning. You’re learning how to start a business from simply an idea into something significant. You are learning the importance of trademarking, the value of intelligent networking, the vastness of social media and the invaluable skills of leadership. Everyday – maybe every minute – you are learning something new and integrating it into your newly found, and constantly growing skill set.

You really have to love learning if you’re an entrepreneur even if you are not a fan of traditional education. I’m not saying you have to return to a classroom or get your MBA either. If you’re starting a business you’re in a constant state of absorbing and integrating information, strategies and tactics and seeking out more and more information to better your business and yourself. Information and knowledge can be found in many different places. The beautiful thing is most of this learning is self-imposed with the intention of creating a profitable business and a better life. So why wouldn’t you want to be open to it if you know it will pay you back a hundred fold?

Loving Learning: How to and what not to do

1. Embrace learning
Knowledge is more than just power. Knowledge has an amazing way of boosting confidence. Who doesn’t want more confidence especially in the early days of launching a business when everything seems incredibly new and scary. Self-empowerment and confidence can take you further than you ever expected.

2. Get the chip off your shoulder
If you’re newly on this path to entrepreneurship it can feel like you’ve entered a foreign land where everything is unknown. You may have years of experience elsewhere or are an expert in your field, but starting a business is often a very new path. It’s easy to walk around with a chip on your shoulder thinking you know everything when in fact, you probably don’t. Some things may seem banal but you probably need to figure it out. Be open to the experience of learning and know that if you don’t particularly like one aspect of the business, you can probably hire or outsource it to someone down the road.

3. Seek it out
Don’t forget that knowledge can be obtained by speaking directly with others. Before there was formalized higher education there once was apprenticeships. People learned from others who have mastered a particular skill or trade. Sadly this way of learning is not as prevalent as centuries past, but it is incredibly valuable. Find yourself a mentor or begin asking others for their insights and wisdom. Wisdom can be found everywhere.

4. Know when to stop absorbing and start doing
What I’ve seen time and again is women entrepreneurs getting stuck in a loop of wanting to learn more and more as a subconscious way of procrastinating. “I just need to learn a little more about this, then I will get started.” It is easy to be lured into this thinking but you need to actually go out into the world and act on what you’ve uncovered. Action will not only help integrate your new found knowledge but is also part of the learning experiences as well. You won’t know what will work and what won’t until you try it out. So don’t get caught in educational paralysis – get moving quickly.

We are lucky to be living in a time where you can learn just about anything by turning on your computer. If you have a question, you just Google it. If you need to learn a specific skill you can take a class online. If you want to reach out to an influencer, you can Tweet them. Seeking general wisdom, even specific strategies, from cool people? You can watch them on YouTube or their Ted talk.

Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Successful women entrepreneurs are life long learners. They are passionate about keeping their skills sharp and staying in the know. If they don’t know something, they ask. If they need more information, they read up. It’s a beautiful and beneficial quality to foster and one that is essential to success.

Adopt a mindset that learning is forever and watch your business and life bloom.

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